hahaha! Its my first time

&& i'm sure of it, I just tried to use tumblr anyway, im lovin it to the most! HAHAHA , xD :) AWOOO. HELLO THERE, :))
technology is changing, and it seems like it could be only a matter of time before you film everything. the question in the back of my mind was ‘will they eventually take frame grabs from video?’ you have to ask yourself: what’s the stregth of still photography? why do you do it? why are you not doing filming or commercials? these portraits made it clear to me that everything that you could tell about someone in a video clip can be there in one image. with video, everything is usually so hectic… but with these portraits, you see them, and you stop and look at the details. with these images, one photograph is stronger than the whole video. Oh sooo True,. :)

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